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Close Converse



About Us

Close~Converse is committed to being the premier commercial real estate company serving North-Central Minnesota. Together we will create investment opportunities through our knowledge, wisdom, and expertise in commercial real estate and business investments. We will serve our clients and colleagues with passion, excellence and integrity, always delivering more than is promised.

Close~Converse achieves its mission by:

1. Continuous learning and association with a network of professionals from multiple disciplines
2. Commitment to high standards of practice
3. Involvement with communities to provide solutions and input on commercial and development real estate issues
4. Relationships with the people and companies that ''get things done'' in our communities
5. Utilizing effective marketing and advertising to generate steady interest in our products and services
6. Fostering and nurturing relationships with financiers, appraisers, accountants, surveyors, engineers and attorneys that result in faster solutions to business challenges
7. Maximizing the use of technology to manage information, market properties and communicate with our clients
8. Creating opportunities for landowners to optimize the value of their land through marketing and development
9. Effectively working with governmental entities for approvals of land and development projects
10. Utilizing numerous web-based sites for maximum exposure, including but not limited to and


  • The experience, knowledge & perspective to maximize your commercial real estate investment
  • Positioned as the connected commercial source for North-Central Minnesota
  • Business opportunities, development and brokerage of commercial, industrial, land and investment real estate
  • Search, Secure, Enjoy


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