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Confidence Learning Center



About Us

Mission of Confidence Learning Center
1. To provide year-round outdoor education and recreation center for persons of all ages with developmental and cognitive disabilities
2. To provide opportunities with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community for language and cultural expansion, support and education.
3. To enhance the ability and self-confidence of people of all ages with developmental and cognitive disabilities.
4. To educate through ''hands-on'' outdoor and recreation experiences while meeting individual needs.
5. To facilitate exceptional learning experiences for families, direct care staff, interns, and professionals in the field of developmental and cognitive disabilities.

Confidence Learning Center is different as our Campers come to Confidence Learning Center WITH their primary care provider - they are not sent by themselves. We feel this provides a great learning and growing opportunity for everyone!

Our Goals

To further individual social adjustment and development.
To help generate a feeling of self-worth and self-confidence through accomplishment.
To develop a consideration of others.
To develop an awareness and appreciation of the outdoors.
To provide opportunities for enhancing physical fitness and furthering of physical development.
To provide an opportunity to experience a variety of outdoor and leisure activities.
To provide an opportunity for campers to choose activities they would like to participate in.
To provide opportunities for reinforcement and support of other treatment programs.


  • Provide year-round outdoor education and recreation
  • Provide opportunities with the Deaf & Hard of Hearing community
  • Enhance the ability of self-confidence of people of all ages
  • Educate through "hands on" experiences
  • Facilitate exceptional learning experiences


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