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Elevated Surface Cleaning

Elevated Surface Cleaning


About Us

Welcome to Elevated Surface Cleaning. We specialize in state-of-the art cleaning services…everything from window cleaning to elevated dust removal, Power washing, surface cleaning (sidewalks, driveways, asphalt, concrete), Hard water spot removal (very popular)…even roof raking and snow blowing. We realize the value of clean living and take pride in partnering with you to care for your property.

Our property care services include:

Window Cleaning - specializing in mid to large commercial and high-end residential projects

Power Washing - protecting your investment and business’ reputation

Elevated Dust Removal - safely eliminating dust from ceilings, beams, window ledges and other custom (elevated) areas

Solar Panel Cleaning - cleaning for energy efficiency – clean solar panels create up to 50% more power

Difficult Access Specialists!


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Gallery Image Duluth_Pool_cover_-_clean-_after_.jpg
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