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Northern Hope Functional Neurology & Chiropractic



About Us

At Northern Hope, we care for your health and strive to help you achieve your goals. We understand when there is no one left to help or no more answers to give or nowhere else to go and you feel lost and out of control. We are here to help. We want you to know that through faith, guidance and perseverance, you will always find Hope - Northern Hope.

We take a functional approach to understanding your needs and help you decide the right path to achieve great health so you can get your life back. Don't be a victim to your own self. Take charge of your life and own your decision to be a better you.

Your Health Starts With You.Northern Hope Functional Neurology Chiropractic offers health care on both a structural and brain based application, ranging from infant to wise adult. you can expect a nutrition/metabolic background as well as a pediatric and neurology licensed.


  • Functional Neurology Application - Brain Based Therapies
  • Combined 20 Years of Experience
  • Animal Chiropractic
  • Nutrition/Metabolic Applicatoin
  • Pediatric Certified and Women's Health Emphasized


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