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Northland Arboretum

Northland Arboretum


About Us

The Northland Arboretum, an outdoor nature conservatory is designed to promote intelligent conservation and high standards of ecology with a year-round display of our region's flora and fauna, through workshops and seminars, and by providing outdoor recreation that appreciates and respects our natural plants and wildlife.


Northland Arb Pond Garden
Entrance sign to the Visito Center
Visitor at the Butterfly Garden
The Arboretum's new compost site which opened the first of October.
Bald Eagle shown at the Family Education Day event.
The Visitor Center Gift Shop.
The Holder Gazebo used for events and just relaxing.
Outdoor Education Camp
Volunteer getting ready to work at the Haunted Trail event.
Bear having a break at the arb.
Gazebo Garden near the Monet Bridge
Country Sampler Picnic crowd.