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Don’t Procrastinate, Innovate Your Nisswa, MN Business

Your business is your livelihood and, like you, it has to keep up with the technology of the times. Today’s post from the Nisswa Chamber of Commerce will shed light on a few things you can do to innovate today so that you don’t get left behind as the world moves around you. There are many ways to move forward and build a better business, including working with our team of software developers to create custom programs to implementing business process management strategies and digital marketing tactics.


Invest in a Customer Relationship Management System


A customer relationship management system, or CRM, is an important tool for all businesses. This piece of software allows you to keep up with sales, have access to reports, and automate some customer relationship tasks. Your CRM will offer many additional benefits, including helping you keep up with customer prospects and growing as your company grows.


Create Automation Opportunities Through Business Process Management


You can automate the processes in virtually all areas of your business. According to AI Multiple, business process management, or BPM, can improve efficiencies by helping you reduce hands-on time on activities, such as invoicing and sending pickup reminders. Work with your employees and encourage them to keep an eye on your BPM framework and speak up when they see areas that might benefit from improvement.


Initiate Cybersecurity Practices


The more our businesses rely on technology, the more you have to safeguard for new digital threats. You are likely familiar with the threat of virtual viruses, but are you and your employees well educated on threats like malicious email and phishing attempts? If not, implement training to ensure no one accidentally falls for these sneaky cybersecurity issues.


You should also increase your password protection processes. Implement dual-factor authentication on company machines and heavily used programs. And teach your employees how to password protect theri PDFs to ensure that sensitive information isn’t accessed by the wrong people. First, they will need to learn to edit PDFs online for free. This process allows multiple people who have access to the file to add comments, highlight sections, or even add virtual sticky notes. Once the file is finalized, the primary author should go to Tools and Protect to start the password protection process. From the Protect menu, select Encrypt and then Encrypt with Password before creating a strong password to apply to the file. 


Go Digital for Business Invoicing


As part of your BPM strategy, you can begin having your invoices emailed electronically instead of printed to drop in the mail. This is also a great opportunity to create consistency within your business identity by utilizing an invoice template that matches your current marketing materials. Do your research on invoice generating software, and look for one that allows you to customize everything from your logos and fonts and then download your custom template into your invoicing system.


Keep Track of Your Inventory


Do you know how much inventory is on your floor right now? Do you know how much it’s worth? If not, you need a custom inventory management system. This helps you keep your eye on what you have, what you need now, and what you can expect to use in the future. Knowing this information can help you run a more efficient business and figure out what sells and what sits and collects dust. 


Offer Remote Working Options


If you have yet to implement technology that allows your employees (and yourself) to work from home, now is the time. The HR Executive site recently reported that there is increasing evidence that shows that employees now value a flexible schedule over even a hefty pay raise. Technology that can help you work from home includes project management, workflow, and collaboration software.


Utilize Digital Marketing


While printed marketing materials still hold relevance, the world is largely digital. If you want to reach a broader or more targeted audience, you have to utilize digital marketing channels, including social media, QR codes, and video sharing. Keep in mind here, however, that you should also utilize promotional materials, such as T-shirts, which Design Hill explains are a powerful way to reach your audience


Embrace Business Innovation Practices


Innovation, whether you’re sending automated invoices or switching from paper to digital marketing, is a sign of growth. It can also serve as the foundation upon which your business expands and reaches more people each year. You don’t have to implement new strategies all at once, but with each passing change, you’ll see your business adapt and thrive.


Curious how other businesses are innovating? Join the conversation at your local Chamber of Commerce!


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