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Angry Minnow Vintage



About Us

Angry Minnow Vintage is located in Minneapolis Minnesota and was founded in April of 2015.

What grew from an idea to serving over one million+ customers in less than four years, Angry Minnow has shipped to every single US state and Canadian province.

Our plan is simple. Provide unique flannel shirts-hats-tees-hoodies with a throwback and/or distressed look. We also provide the latest styles in heavier Brawny flannels giving clients three great options (Regular, Distressed and Brawny) for sporting the Angry Minnow Flannel look.


Johnson Outboard Motors Distressed Ball Cap
Summer Lake Collection Display
Hamm's Baseball Collection Flannel
Fishing Display
Smokey Bear Collection
Cold Weather Display
Midwest Display
Coors Cowboy Display
AMV Beanies
AMV Gift Cards
AMV Koozies
Hamm's Hockey Collection

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