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BOLD, Inc.



About Us


Our vision is to build self-esteem in young girls and empower them to pursue their goals. BOLD focuses on girls entering 5th grade through 9th grade. We use research-based curriculum to educate and instill a strong sense of self in each girl.

BOLD's founder, Stacy Germundson, has been a school counselor for 16 years which is where the BOLD vision was born. Stacy consistently noticed that many young women are more concerned about being perfect and fitting in and less about bravely expressing their true selves.

Because of this they often fail to recognize and promote their own true selves and don't seek to set high professional goals for their future.

She believes that girls are more likely to pursue a greater purpose for themselves and their future when they have confidence and a strong sense of self. Stacy and her team are passionate about using their skills, experience, and connections to lead, inspire, and mentor young women.



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